At the end of WW2, during the process of Japan entering a formalized surrender, Japan almost decided to withdrawal from this process; thus, looking to choose to face utter and overwhelming obliteration.  The cause of this was two little words Japan believed were both culturally impossible and pridefully unacceptable that were found within the documents of that formalized surrender.  Those two words – “unconditional surrender”. That is exactly what Jesus calls all believers to – unconditional surrender.  We are good at conditional surrender.  That simply means that under the right conditions we will surrender to the will of God.  However, the opposite is true also, there are limits to which we operate being surrendered. God gave us the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  Those are not optional for the follower of Christ.  Many of the times we want to put “conditions” on both “great” things God has given us – and that is where we find much of the church presently at today. Anchor Ministries Inc is here to give you a way in which you can flesh out both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission within your own neighborhood.  In order conceptualize this, we have named the ministry designed to help you flesh these our STEM Ministry.  What is a stem?  A stem is the piece that connects the vine to the fruit.  It is a beautiful concrete image of what God is calling us to do with the gospel.  We are the ones that connect the vine to the fruit – nothing more and nothing less.  But the vehicle in which we conduct this ministry is through a Simple Tent Ministry – hence, the STEM.